PODCAST: Episode 9

Today on Deep Brain Radio, an homage to the days when radio was “Theater of the Mind.” A brand new old radio program featuring America’s Greatest Super Hero! “The Second Coming.”

Podcast: Episode 7

Meet America’s Newest Crime-Fighting Sensation — The Unconscionables! In today’s installment of Trump Verbatim, he brags about passing a cognitive test. Meet some REAL Dangerous Criminal Aliens. And did you forget about Donald Trump shagging pornography stars? We sure didn’t!

PODCAST: Episode 6

At his “Coronavirus Briefing” on July 21, President Trump sent his well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, currently in jail and accused of procuring children for Jeffrey Epstein and other wealthy men to rape. Was he sending a signal? We’ve also… Read More ›

PODCAST: Episode 4

Let’s Get COGNITIVE! President Trump brags about passing a test designed to sniff out dementia. Let’s take the test together so WE can brag about it, too! Then, another episode of Trump Verbatim: Actual word-for-word statements, made by Donald Trump,… Read More ›

PODCAST: Episode 3

Stop Scaring the White Folks! WARNING! This episode will challenge your ability to get satire! Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp explains his rationale for banning local mask mandates. We rework a George M. Cohan classic for today’s political vibe. Would you… Read More ›

PODCAST: Episode 2

Find New Beans! Welcome to Episode 2 of Deep Brain Radio. Today we re-fry bean loving Florida congressional candidate KW Miller. Ivanka urges us all to #FindSomethingNew. We quote President Trump, VERBATIM, but as if the words were being spoken… Read More ›

PODCAST: Episode 1

Welcome to the Pilot Episode of Deep Brain Radio. Satirical sketch comedy with your mind in mind. In this episode we skewer The Learning Channel, God interfering with elections, kids with guns, and Big Pharma commercials. Golly. Hope you like… Read More ›